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With the perfect modern enterprise management system, Syntame attracts talents with excellent production technology, marketing and management at home and abroad. In addition to providing a wide range of remuneration and benefits, the company has also designed a glamorous skill training and personal development plan for its employees. At present, the company has accumulated over the years with high academic qualifications and working experience in technical and management team, we also warmly welcome the character and ability of excellent talents to join the company, work together to build the future of the company. The requirements of the post are as follows:

1. International Trade Commissioner,Work place:Ningbo,Zhejiang

Responsibilities: responsible for foreign liaison and international market business, market development, shipment tracking, collection, exhibition, customer reception and other matters; the company responsible for the daily maintenance and update information of each website platform; proficient in B2B platform, build a platform for the promotion of B2B, at the same time promoting business through other network marketing, increase product exposure rate. For enquiries; the development of access to customer orders.

Job requirements: Bachelor’s degree or above, professional or related professional experience for 2 years or above in medicine, chemical industry, biology and plant cultivation. Requirements for English level 6 or above, fluent oral expression ability, good team organizing ability, coordination and planning ability.

2. Production Commissioner,Work place:ChangzhouJiangsu

Job responsibilities: Study on the process magnification of the custom-made product process, and be responsible for the technical management of synthetic compound production.

Job requirements: college degree or above, chemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, or other related majors. Good theoretical knowledge, chemical production experience for over two years, and suitable for long-term business trip.

3.Assistant of product development director,Work place:Ningbo,Zhejiang

Responsibilities: assist the organization, implementation and tracking of product development of administrative management and secretarial work, including documents, documents in English translation, foreign exchange and cooperation, travel and so on; be responsible for document and data management of the product development department; professional and technical training to assist the internal or external to the organization of product development; to perform other tasks director the distribution of product development.

Job requirements: Bachelor degree or above, preferred in business management, English and other related majors; more than two years in R & D companies (foreign or joint venture) or R & D department engaged in the same type of work experience; fluent oral and written English, familiar with office software and equipment; have good communication skills, organization and coordination ability, serious and responsible work, there is a reason.

4. Copy writer,Work place:Ningbo,Zhejiang

Responsibilities: responsible for product brand publicity and copywriting, responsible for offline activity planning and organization, online and offline publicity platform content planning and updating, and help build new media operation matrix.

Job requirements: college degree or above, Chinese language and literature, creative advertising, journalism; love text editing, quick thinking, familiar with the network hot spots and can be combined; with more than 1 years of relevant experience can be copy; familiar with PS, Powerpoint, corekderw and other design software.

The applicant can send the resume to the resume when it is sent, please mark the job position.